Happy Valentines day 2017

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Valentines day sms Wishes for wife


Valentines day sms Wishes for wife:

”Honey, thank you for saying “I do”. You are my greatest asset. I love you! ” Valentines day sms Wishes

Valentines day sms Wishes

“I will never get tired of saying how much I love you!
You have taken care of me and have given all the love that you can give.
Thank you very much! Happy Valentine’s Day wifey!”

“You never cease to surprise me every day with your charm.
Your smile brightens up my day.
You are the one that keeps me feeling young and loved.
Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“I don’t know what I did to make a beautiful woman like you fall in love with a guy like me.
I am so happy that I chose to love a woman who looks beyond what the eyes can see. Happy Valentine’s to you! ”

“You are still as beautiful and sexy as you are the first time I saw you.
I cannot help to fall in love with you more and more each day.
I love you so much honey! ”

“I see your face in every person that crosses my path.
Is this because you are always in my mind?
I always feel the warmth of your loving hugs and tender kisses even if you are away. These make me to long for you more and more each passing day.”

“I love the way you make me feel.
It is so special and I cannot find the right words to explain it.
I guess this is really love.
We feel it and no need to explain why. ”
“Your smile brightens up my day.
Holding your hands show that I own you.
Having you beside me is a real treasure.
You are mine and I will love you with all my heart.”

“Just the thought of you makes me excited.
Imagine what more can I feel if we are together.
Every moment with you is valuable to me.
It is a precious gem that I will forever keep.”

“You accepted me for who I am.
You never demand me to change.
You allowed me to be the person that I am and not the person that you want me to be. Your love did wonders.
You may not know it, but I am me because of you. I love you!” Valentines day sms Wishes

“You are the only person that keeps me warm when I feel cold.
You comforted me when I am worried.
Lifts me up when I am down.
You are not just my love.
You are also my best friend who never gets tired to listen to me.
You are a companion, my best friend and my one true love.” Valentines day sms Wishes

“You are beautifully wrapped with all the characteristics that I love.
You are specially delivered to me by God.
Your value is one of a kind.
You are my love and forever you’ll be in my heart.”

“You make each day special because of your love.
Your kind heart radiates from inside out.
You inspire me to love you more and more.
Thank you for the love that keeps us strong.”

Valentines day sms Wishes


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