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valentines day poems For Boyfriend And Girlfriend


valentines day poems For Boyfriend And Girlfriend:

Looking for best valentines day poems for valentines day sms.Let me first wish u a Happy valentines day 2017.You can send romantic Valentines day 2017 poems and send valentines day sms 2017.Here is a awesome valentines day poems for boyfriends and girlfriends.



valentines day poems


valentines day poems:

Mom And Dad, Along Life’s Path,
Your Love Has Shone The Way.
For The Guidance You Have Given Me,
I’m Thankful Every Day.
You’ve Always Been Great Parents;
I’m So Glad You Both Are Mine;
Deep In My Heart, You’ll Always Be
My Favorite Valentine.

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As Long As You Love Me,
I’ll Stay By Your Side,
I’ll Be Your Companion
Your Friend And Your Guide.
As Long As You Love Me,
As Long As You Care,
I’ll Do Anything For You
I’ll Go Anywhere.
I’ll Bring You Sunshine,
I’ll Comfort Your Fears,
I’ll Gather Up Rainbows,
To Chase All Your Tears.
As Long As Forever,
My Love Will Be True,
For As Long As You Love Me,
I’ll Only Love You.

If I Could Write A Poem
I Want To Write A Poem To Tell You That I Care,
And I’d Write That Poem To You, If Only I Would Dare.
But Poem Writing Scares Me, So The Outlook Is Quite Bleak;
So To Tell You Of My Feelings Another Outlet I Must Seek.
If I Could Write A Poem, My Problems Would Be Solved.
I’d Know Exactly What To Say; It Wouldn’t Be Involved.
I’d Tell You Of Your Grace, And Of Your Wit And Charms.
I’d Mention How Your Eyes Shine And How Your Laugh Disarms.
I’d Tell You How I Love You From Your Head Down To Your Toe.
And You’d Know It’s All The Truth Because A Poem Told You So.
But I Can’t Write A Poem, So This Note Must Break The Ice,
And Do The Job To Win Your Heart, Nothing Less Will Near Suffice.
What I’d Really Like To Say Is, “Would You Be My Valentine?”
Boyfriends Are A Blessing
Meant To Last Your Whole Life Through
So Now My Heart Was Broken
When I Said Goodbye To You.
You Came Into My World
Bringing So Much Joy To Me
How Could I Have Known
How Short My Happiness Would Be?
So I’m Waiting For The Day
When I Reach The Other Side
And Hold You In My Arms
And Dry The Tears I’ve Cried.

Hug Me
But Don’t Let Go
I Want You To Stay
I Want You To Know
I Need You With Me
You Make Me Feel Bright
So Just Hug Me
Right Through The Night
It’s What I Want
Maybe Even A Kiss
You Make Me Feel Special
I Can’t Turn Away From This.

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